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Please, please help us at WG Film spread the word about our ongoing Kickstarter campaign for BIKES vs CARS! We neeeeeed that money to make this film!!!
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Friends and colleagues. We have now launched a Kickstarter campaign for the BIKES vs CARS documentary. We need to raise funds for the post-production and want to show the world that we are many seeking change from the current traffic model - so please join us, one dollar is also a statement. We are tremendously thankful for any support.
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The @bikes_vs_cars #Kickstarter has launched! Spread the word to show that we are many! #bikesvscars
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Friends in Malmö, bring your bikes to Möllevångstorget today at 17.30 for some filming with Fredrik Gertten for his new doc project, BIKES vs CARS
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First teaser material from WG Film & Fredrik Gerttens BIKES vs CARS documentary :)
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Hi Vicky, I agree in many ways. My hope is that the new film in the end also will shift the focus back to the harmed bananaworkers. A lot of people are now buying BANANAS!*, the DVD is out, but also on Netflix and Itunes. You can also buy it through

best Fredrik
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drop me from greater heights
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Den sanna historien om en svensk filmskapare, ett bananföretag och deras fula tricks: manipulering av media, stämningsansökningar och priset vi betalar för yttrandefrihet.

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